The Impressive Power of Breast Milk

Many people out there know breast milk as being used as food to a newly born baby. As much as this is true lots of people are oblivious of the numerous and amazing uses which breast milk can be used in. In this article you shall delve deep into some mind bobbling facts which most people (breast feeding mums also) are not aware even exist.

As stated above breast milk forms the basic source of food on which a newly born baby feeds on. It has numerous advantages as not only does it ensure that the baby sleeps on a full stomach, breast milk boosts the infants immunity system. It also boosts and ensures that his/her gut is in tip-top condition.

Over the years scientists have been undertaking extensive research on breast milk and what implications it can have if combined with other elements. Fortunately this research has paid off at long last as this literally means a breakthrough for all ages.

Back to the baby once more – breast milk helps in the eradication of skin rashes. All you need to do is to pour some on the particular area. It also assists in cleaning of any baby acne. Endorphins in the milk go a long way in relieving any pain in no time.

According to Doctors a simple solution to early childhood ear infection is to pour a few drops of this milk into the infected ear regularly after a couple of hours. Soon after 48 hours the infection clears up. This method is by far less expensive, hassle free and natural.

It’s also a natural remedy to bee stings, chicken pox, viruses, colds, numerous child hood cancers, pneumonia, diabetes and other illnesses related to infants and children below 2 years of age. This precious substance has also been associated with the prevention of adult cancers related with insulin and ovarian cancer also latter in life.

Strangely enough breast milk has managed to send shock waves in the beauty industry as there are several cosmetic products which rely on it as a raw material. Coconut oil combined with breast milk is used in the removal of pimples and acne on both adults and teenagers.

Human milk has is also considered as a critical element in plenty of skin care cosmetics since it consists some vital amino acids, proteins and vitamins which are essential for great skin growth. Milk also plays a great substitute for facial soaps as it contains natural lactic acid which leaves the skin soft and supple. You may also opt to use it as a deodorant, lotion and moisturizer.

Surprisingly there are ice creams made out from breast milk which are particularly popular with children. There are also cupcakes and popsicles made by freezing breast milk in plastic cups. Some renowned chefs owe their secret tasty recipes all to this key ingredient as they add a bit of this milk to their food while preparing it.

Evidently there are numerous uses of breast milk out there. Some may sound out right bizarre while others make sense. At the end of the day most of them have either been proved and have medical back up while others have mothers out there who attest to these benefits.