The Ryan Reynolds Workout

Ryan Reynolds caused a bit of a stir in Hollywood a few years back when he went from this:

ryan reynolds before workout

To this:

ryan reynolds after workout

He was rumoured to have gained just over 20 pounds of muscle and also went from 11% body fat to under 5%. Most people found the below 5% body fat claim to be a bit far-fetched but nobody could deny that his transformation was incredible and he ended up extremely ripped.

Ryan originally began training under the guidance of Vince Del Monte who is well known for his own amazing transformation from a 140lb skinny distance runner to a 190lb fitness model champion. Vince mentored Ryan in all aspects of his training and set out a step by step diet and fitness plan that Ryan could follow. Vince has since released the same fitness plan to the public in the form of an in depth informational guide, many people have followed it and gotten the same physique as Ryan.

Ryan Reynolds Workout

Ryan’s workouts program consisted of a five to six day a week routine that focused on just one muscle at a time. He focused on compound movements that would help him increase his overall muscle mass. The Ryan Reynolds workout itself focused on mainly free weight exercises although he did mention that he used machines as well.

A lot of emphasis was put onto Ryan’s mid-section and as instructed by Vince, he did a wide range of core exercises that helped him to get that amazing 6-pack. Whilst he did a lot of regular sit-ups and leg raises he also did many weighted ab exercises.

A breakdown of sets, reps and weights used are included in Vince’s informational guide but Ryan claimed to have kept rep ranges between eight and twelve which is the recommended range when building muscle.

Ryan said he was at his biggest and leanest for the filming of Blade Trinity and judging by these photos I think I believe him:

ryan reynolds workoutryan reynolds workout blade

Ryan Reynolds Diet

Diet is a very important part of building a good physique and Ryan owes a lot of his success to the nutritional plan that Vince Del Monte set up for him.

To begin with, Ryan changed his regular three meals a day to six or seven smaller meals. Whilst this seems like a lot, it’s actually quite easy once you’ve done it for a couple of days. The meals are much smaller and easier to manage and don’t leave you feeling full or sluggish afterwards. The meals were spaced out every two to three hours.

Ryan focused on whole foods that were good sources of carbohydrates, protein and fats. His protein sources were mainly chicken, fish, eggs and protein powder. Carbs came from oatmeal, brown rice and pasta. His fat sources came from nuts, avocados, flaxseed oils and oily fish. The full diet plan he used can be found in Vince’s informational guide.


With the help of Vince, Ryan achieved his awesome physique without the need for lots of different supplements. Good hard training and a solid diet are what gave Ryan the body he has today. The Ryan Reynolds workout was actually began as a custom built training regime but has been adopted by many others now. With that being said, there were two supplements that Ryan used.

The first one was protein powder, possibly the most basic and effective supplement you can use. You can imagine protein powder as nothing more than a time saving feature. One of Ryan’s meals would be a simple protein shake that consisted of oats, protein powder and milk. This shake contains over 30 grams of protein and can be consumed within a couple of minutes. Cooking a piece of chicken or steak would take a lot longer than this and would give you the same amount of protein.

The other supplement Ryan took was Xtreme No (Find out more about Xtreme NO here), this is a Nitric Oxide based supplement that is used to increase the blood flow to the muscles. The effects of this are more stamina and strength when lifting, Ryan was able to push himself further than normal and squeeze out those extra few reps than normal.

Check out Vince Del Montes complete muscle building guide that helped Ryan Reynolds amazing transformation.

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