Benadryl Vs. Valium

Benadryl is an anti-histamine medication which contains the active ingredient named diphenhydramine. A patient would be prescribed with this medication if they suffer from any allergy symptoms like itchy eyes, sneezing, running nose, itching throat as well as the nose. This medication is also available in a cream form which can be directly applied on the required part of the body. Apart from treating allergic reactions, this can also take to treat sleep problems as well as certain degrees of anxiety disorder.

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Valium is a popularly known medication that belongs to a benzodiazepine group. A doctor would prescribe this medication to the patients who suffer from mild to severe anxiety disorders. Diazepam is the active ingredient in this medication and this is responsible for producing a calming effect on the patients.

Why are we comparing both these medications?

Benadryl is a medication that can be taken to get some sleep. In the same way, valium is another drug that produces relaxation in the body of a person enabling him or her to get good sleep. It is an over the counter medication that is very cheap in price whereas valium is an effective prescription-only medication that is little expensive. Both the medications have a common property and that is the sedating effect. This is the reason why we are going to compare Benadryl with it.

Reasons to choose one drug over the other

When a person takes valium to treat anxiety disorder or sleep problems, it works very well for them. But, the major disadvantage in taking this medication is that a person would feel euphoric. This means that he or she would feel pleasure or high. Individuals misuse it because of this property.

On the other hand, Benadryl is a medication that is not addictive in nature. It is possible for a person to halt the treatment easily. It also provides a greater effect on sleepiness just like valium medication.

Which medication should you choose to get treated?

It is very difficult to generalize which medication you should take to treat your condition. The body condition is different, tolerance level would not be the same and age should also be considered before prescribing the medication. Apart from this, we should see whether there is any possibility of allergic reactions either with both before taking it. Previous medical ailments, drugs that are currently taken should also be considered prior to choosing the medication.

If your condition is very severe then valium would be the right choice. In this case, taking Benadryl would not provide effectiveness. Suppose the ailment is very mild, then it is the best to take this medication. Taking it for this condition is not required. You have to always remember that a medication should be chosen only with medical guidance.

Take valium for a shorter period of time so that you don’t get addicted. Choosing Benadryl at the initial stage would help you to get treated effectively by spending little. But if you have to take valium you have to be very cautious during the treatment and have to spend more.

Benemid vs Colcrys

Benemid, one of the brand names of Probenecid, is a drug that is used in removing excess uric acid in the body through urine. The drug is also used to relieve gout and gouty arthritis and it has been prescribed for this condition for many years together as it is known to be highly effective. Benemid may be used to eliminate the excess uric acid caused by gout from the body but it also has many off-label uses.

Colcrys is a drug that modifies the way the body reacts to uric acid crystals. The drug, which is brand name for Colchicine, is used to treat gout, familial Mediterranean fever, and even symptoms of Behcets syndrome. Taking Colcrys helps in bringing down the pain and swelling caused by the conditions being treated.

How do Benemid and Colcrys compare with each other?

Benemid and Colcrys are both prescribed in the treatment of gout, which can be used as a basis for which the drugs may be distinguished from each other. Both these medications are considered to be equally good and highly effective in treating the condition of gout. Usually when one chooses one over the other it may be because the other option is not known or that the first one being used has caused some allergic reactions. Some may prefer one over the other simply because they have used that medication first.

Tx chronic gout. AEs – serious is blood dyscrasias, common is headache, nausea, vomiting & anorexia – take with milk or food. Do not take during acute attack. Limit taking with vitamin C or cranberry juice.

One important point where Benemid trumps Colcrys is that many users have reported fewer side effects with this drug than with the latter. Benemid has also been in the market for a longer time and hence it is seen as a well-tested drug. Both Benemid and Colcrys are relatively inexpensive and easy for every person to buy the required medication. Since Benemid is a more familiar option, many doctors prescribe this medication. The lower count of side effects does not mean that this drug is not that effective but that it really treats the problem of gout without causing much discomfort to the patient with other effects.

Which drug to choose – Benemid or Colcrys?

Benemid and Colcrys are very effective drugs for gout. What many people choose is Benemid as it is known for far longer and is considered as a trusted brand. The low rate of side effects is also a major plus for this drug. People may be prescribed to take Colcrys only if they do not find any efficacy with Benemid or vice versa. Both medications require a prescription for safe use and it is recommended to follow the doctor’s dosage instructions for best results. Take either Benemid or Colcrys after knowing what the drug is about. Avoid self-medicating and go by the doctor’s advice regarding the dose and duration. Well Benemid does have a slight edge over Colcrys and there’s really no harm in choosing that drug over the other. All you have to do is ensure that your doctor prescribes it for you so that you can get the condition treated with the drug of your choice.